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As I invite you into our home, I would like for you to imagine what our home is like. 


I welcome you in, will you take your shoes off? You can keep them on if you prefer, this is your home after all. 


I greet you warmly with a kiss on the cheek, or is it a hug perhaps? Do I greet you at all? Maybe you are just so used to walking in and out of this doorway that these exchanges don’t occur to you anymore. 


Do you need a place to hang your coat? Perhaps it is too hot to be wearing a coat outside, if that is the case, let me fetch you a fresh beverage. 


We are walking towards the kitchen, you look so thirsty. You glance around and you notice the same old furniture that has always decorated this house. Sometimes it feels like nothing ever changes here, but that is kind of the beauty of it. What should I get you? A fresh glass of water or something flavored? Please sit down, let’s chat for a bit. 


We sit at the kitchen table, but perhaps there is a better place to have a conversation— should we sit on the cool tiles of the living room floor? It feels so good to stretch your thighs on their chilled, smooth surface. No, maybe it’s best that we just sit on the couch. 


We are sitting on the couch and you finally take a sip of your drink. I ask you what does home feel like to you. You hear my question but you are distracted by a painting, or maybe a photograph, that is hanging on the wall right behind me. Hello, Are you listening to me? You look back at me, I am wearing an old item of clothing that belonged to you long ago. 


What is home to you? I tell you that I believe it is a knot of multiple trajectories, it is a place where all my identities can lay to rest. M-hm, you comment. You want to say something more but you are distracted by a very distinct smell which allows your mind to drift again. You tell me that smell is one of the most powerful ways to evoke memory. M-hm, I comment.

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