Open Call to artists, artisans, and creatives who are interested in collaborating in an exhibition for the UK Mexican Art Society. The theme of the exhibition is:

When embarking on a curatorial project surrounding Latinx identities our team was faced with two problems; 1) How could we convey the richness and diversity associated with the term “Latinx” and 2) How do we adapt such nuances to the constraints of a white cube space. Our answer is that neither issue can be resolved fully. 

For this reason, the exhibition Casa X aims to be an immersive experience that describes the feelings of home and belonging as told by Latinx artists. 

Centering on the home, our exhibition will reject the traditional exhibition format and be converted into a house that curators and artists will work together to furnish.

We think of the home as a crossroads of identities, whether one’s heritage is mixed or one descends from a more linear ancestry, the home is where all personal incongruences can unfold and lay to rest. In light of this, we encourage artists entering this project to imagine themselves as members of a surreal household. Each work should strive to explore the elements of dissonance, harmony, mundanity, and surrealism that can coexist within one’s identity and the way it is expressed. 

We are curious to see how works may complement each other or even clash completely. The project is not aimed to be a “house museum” and it should not take a form that spectacularizes or tokenises Latinx cultures. With this in mind, we encourage artists to explore unconventional routes thinking through different senses (smell/touch/taste/sound), your piece of the exhibition can take any turn you can envision!

Finally, the ethos of this project echoes the efforts of the UK Mexican Art Society to provide a welcoming place for different communities by dismantling the exclusive and inaccessible aura that often permeates gallery spaces. 


Be prepared to have your work available for mid March 2022, confirmation of exact running dates will be published in January. 



We are working in partnership with the
UK Mexican Arts Society to host this exhibition at their Kings Cross space. 

96 Chalton St, London NW1 1HJ


Artists who we partner with will receive a fee of £75.00, plus the opportunity to sell their work at the exhibition 


All applications submitted up until
5th January 2022 will be considered. 


key information

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